Automated Reminders and Physician Notifications: Bettering Immunosuppression After Kidney Transplant

Percentage based graph with red green and blue lines

When patients don’t follow their regimen for immunosuppression, they’re at more risk after kidney transplantation; this study investigated new ways to meet this challenge. 

They conducted a randomized controlled trial, which enrolled patients at a single center. Wireless-enabled pill bottles have created the opportunity to monitor the situation in real time; the authors sought to improve medication adherence as measured through this tool.

They found that reminders may help, and providing adherence data to providers may motivate patients and help identify barriers to adherence. They determined that these strategies need to be evaluated in trials that can detect differences in clinical outcomes.

Read the article in the American Journal of Kidney Disease


Peter P. Reese, MD, MSCE; Roy D. Bloom, MD; Jennifer Trofe-Clark, PharmD; Adam Mussell, MA; Daniel Leidy, BA; Simona Levsky, BS; Jingsan Zhu, MS, MBA; Lin Yang, MS; Wenli Wang, MS; Andrea Troxel, ScD; Harold I. Feldman, MD, MSCE; Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD