All Educational Programs

All Educational Programs



  • Master of Science in Clinical Epidemiology (MSCE): equips accomplished clinicians to lead their own formal epidemiological studies. Read more.
  • PhD in Epidemiology: trains independent researchers to develop and apply epidemiologic methods. Read more.
  • Certificate Program: fosters the skills and knowledge clinicians and project managers need to collaborate on proposals and clinical research studies. Read more.
  • Offerings for Medical Students: cultivate medical undergraduates’ (pre-doctoral students’) ability to critically appraise and apply information from medical literature. Read more.


  • Master of Science in Biostatistics: trains students in the basic theory and the application of statistical methods to problems in the biomedical sciences. Read more
  • PhD in Biostatistics: trains independent researchers in biostatistics applications and methodology.  Read more
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About the CCEB

How can we answer and anticipate the pressing health issues we face together as a society? At the CCEB we rise to that challenge through research and training in epidemiology and in biostatistics. We solve problems facing patients and populations. READ MORE ABOUT CCEB



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