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Work by Senior Scholar Vishnu Potluri, MD, MPH cited by John Oliver!

On the latest episode of Last Week Tonight (aired Sunday, 12/3/23), John Oliver discussed the topic of Organ and Body Donations and cited research by a senior scholar of the CCEB: Dr. Vishnu Potluri. Click to view the segment from the episode.

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The 'Breast' Kind of Gift: Ten million granted to research in breast cancer recurrence

Angela DeMichele, MD and her team have recently received a $10 million grant to expand their work on how to prevent breast cancer recurrence, which is often fatal.

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In the Vaccine Race, Safety First

Especially given how quickly we are trying to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, it’s a good sign that the AstraZeneca trial paused to investigate an unexplained illness, commented Susan Ellenberg, PhD.

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Vaccines: Where We Stand Now

Susan Ellenberg, PhD, comments on the state of COVID-19 vaccine development: She hopes people are reassured by the AstraZeneca trial's pause for safety and says it's unlikely that we’ll have a vaccine this fall.

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Emptier Offices, Fewer Infections

New COVID-19 infections were about 30 percent lower in counties where the highest number of people stopped going in to their offices for work, found research led by Joshua Baker, MD, MSCE.

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When a Vaccine Arrives

When we’re offered a COVID-19 vaccine, we should ask: Does it protect people, without causing major toxicities or health problems? If so—and after the FDA and its expert committees review— “I will certainly be in line to get one," Susan Ellenberg, PhD, commented on the radio show Ask an Expert.

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Treating HIV and TB Simultaneously

For tuberculosis patients who are also HIV-positive, mortality risk is up to four times higher. Gregory Bisson, MD, MSCE, comments on how we can dramatically improve their chances.

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Fall in Philadelphia: The Local COVID Picture

For a useful COVID-19 analogy, look to the time before antilock brakes, says Michael Levy, PhD. “You had to slam on the brakes, ease up a little and apply the brakes again—and eventually the car would stop.”

Read his comments in Philadelphia Magazine.
Clinical Trials in the Current Pandemic

Some of COVID-19's scientific challenges resemble those faced in the past—with HIV, SARS, H1N1 and Ebola—while others are new. Susan Ellenberg, PhD, unpacks what we need to know about clinical trials during the current pandemic. Read the perspective piece in Clinical Trials.

Take Precautions Now

Seeing groups hanging out together at concerts, bars and parties with few masks in sight, “It’s not surprising that people are spreading the virus,” Ebbing Lautenbach, MD, MPH, MSCE, told Philadelphia’s NBC10.

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