Dry Eye Evaluation and Management (DREAM)


Funding: National Eye Institue
Investigator: Maguire, MG

The DREAM study is a set of two multicenter randomized placebo controlled clinical trials designed to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of omega 3 fatty acid supplementation for treatment of patients with mild to moderate dry eye disease (DED). The Dry Eye Evaluation and Management (DREAM) study addresses the scientific gap in knowledge of dry eye treatment, specifically omega 3 fatty acids, and expands our knowledge of the behavior over time of DED signs, symptoms, and inflammatory biomarkers. Completion of two double-masked randomized clinical trials will allow assessment of the efficacy of omega 3 fatty acids for DED, need for continued treatment, and duration of effects. The DREAM study is funded by the National Eye Institute and is conducted at 25 Clinical Centers and will enroll 600 subjects. Recruitment for Phase 2 began in September of 2015.