Data Management and Visualization I 

EPID 536
Spring term (second half of term)
0.5 course unit
Permission of Instructor; EPID 510 and EPID 526/527

This is the first course in a two-course series that seeks to enhance MSCE students’ comfort and acumen in all aspects of clinical epidemiological data management and presentation, particularly graphical representation of results. The course progresses from best practices in data collection and database use to advanced data management, summarization of results, and data visualization, all of which are grounded in the prioritization of producing efficient and reproducible research processes. The first part of the course focuses on basic data collection, harmonization, and integration with Stata software; best practices for data variable derivation and creation; merging and appending datasets; management of dates and times; assessing free text data; production of descriptive and regression tables; descriptive and regression model visualization; and the use of Stata Markdown files such that research reports can be created directly from Stata.

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