Advanced Topics in Epidemiology

EPID 6400
Spring term
1 CU
EPID 5100 or equivalent, EPID 5260 or equivalent, EPID 5270 or equivalent, and Permission of Instructor

This course is designed to introduce students to advanced epidemiologic methods through a series of readings and discussions. The course aims to deepen the students’ understanding of important concepts and controversies in contemporary epidemiology and to enhance their ability to think critically about empirical epidemiologic research. The course is intended for students who are already familiar with the fundamentals of epidemiology and biostatistics, and who wish to gain an understanding of the complex issues underlying epidemiologic study design and interpretation. Each week, one student will be responsible for leading a portion of the discussion of the assigned readings, in conjunction with a faculty member. Topics include: causal inference; study designs; use of large databases for research; predicting outcomes; and complex sampling methods.