Advanced Biostatistical Methods for Multivariable Prediction Models

EPID 625
Fall term
0.5 course unit
EPID 526, EPID 527 or equivalent preparation in either categorical analysis or survival analysis. Working knowledge of either Stata, SAS or R to fit regression, logistic regression and/or Cox regression models.

This course is an introduction to statistical methods that can be used to evaluate biomarker prognostic studies and multivariate prediction models. Topics will include biostatistical evaluation of biomarkers, predictive models based on various regression modeling strategies and classification trees, assessing the predictive ability of a model; internal and external validation of models; and updating prognostic models with new variables or for use in different populations. Students will learn about the statistical methods that are required by current reporting guidelines for biomarker prognostic studies or the reporting guidelines for multivariable prediction models. 

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