Kristin A. Linn, PhD

Kristin A. Linn, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biostatistics

Dr. Linn's methodological research program spans two broad areas: statistical methods for neuroimaging data and sequentially randomized clinical trials. As a co-investigator, she provides biostatistical leadership on projects in behavioral health economics, dermatology, implementation science, and psychology. 

Dr. Linn has experience designing sequential multiple assignment randomized trials (SMARTs) in a number of research areas. She is particularly interested in using data from SMART designs to estimate personalized dynamic interventions that improve long-term outcomes for individuals. 

Dr. Linn is actively working on statistical frameworks for harmonizing imaging data from multi-site studies and estimating spatially varying patterns of multimodal image associations. She is also interested in adapting methods from causal inference to address confounding in analyses of high-dimensional imaging data.


Content Area Specialties

Behavioral health economics, implementation science, neuroimaging, psychiatry, radiology

Methods Specialties

Clinical trials, SMART design and analysis, dynamic treatment regimes, imaging statistics

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