Joshua F. Baker, MD, MSCE


Joshua F. Baker, MD, MSCE

Assistant Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology

Dr. Baker's research in rheumatoid arthritis focuses on the assessment of disease activity, risk of long-term joint damage, and the evaluation of muscle and bone deficits. He is also interested in developing tools and techniques that may lead to more comprehensive risk assessment in individuals with inflammatory arthritis. Current projects include a study at the University of Pennsylvania and Veterans Affairs Medical Centers that evaluates rheumatoid arthritis patients' body composition, muscle deficits and associations with bone and joint structural outcomes over a two-year period. He is also conducting a study of long-term changes in body mass within a large registry of veterans with rheumatoid arthritis. Finally, he is performing secondary analyses of clinical-trial data, in order to evaluate the utility of MRI as an outcome in clinical trials.

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