Jinbo Chen, PhD

Jinbo Chen, PhD

Professor of Biostatistics

Dr. Chen’s research focuses primarily on the development of statistical methods for designing and analyzing two-phase epidemiologic studies, on methodological and collaborative work in genetic-association studies of complex diseases, and on the development and evaluation of risk-prediction models. Dr. Chen has published numerous methods papers on the analysis of haplotypes (groups of genes within an organism that were inherited together from a single parent) using data from cohort, nested case-control, and matched case-control designs; on exploring gene-gene and gene-environment interactions; and on efficient methods for screening single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotypes. Her recent work has focused on design and analysis issues that arise in studies of complex genetic and environmental effects on pregnancy-related and early-life disorders. Dr. Chen collaborates with researchers to examine how genetic and environmental influences affect the risk of biliary tract cancer, childhood leukemia, preterm birth, food allergy, and cardio-metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.


Content Area Specialties

Cancer epidemiology, genetic epidemiology

Methods Specialties

Missing data, methods in genetic epidemiology; statistical genetics