Hongzhe Li (Lee), PhD


Hongzhe Li (Lee), PhD

Perelman Professor of Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Informatics

Dr. Li's research interests focus on developing statistical, probabilistic and computational methods for genetic and genomic data analysis, bioinformatics and computational biology. He has developed improved linkage and association-analysis methods for mapping genes for complex human diseases. He has recently been developing statistical methods for analysis of microarray time course gene expression data, methods for linking high-throughput genomic data such as microarray gene expression data and array CGH data to censored survival data, and methods for inferences of genetic networks. 

Dr. Li won the International Genetic Epidemiology Society's Best Paper Award in 1998 and currently is an an associate editor of JASA Theory and Method.


Content Area Specialties: 

Human genetics, genomics, computational biology

Methods Specialties: 

Multivariate analysis, survival analysis

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