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April 2017

“Instead of shooting arrows in the dark to find a drug that would be beneficial, we can now make an informed choice about the beneficial and harmful effects of pharmacological inhibition of a wide range of pathways,” comments Danish Saleheen, MBBS, PhD, one of the lead authors of a major study in Nature this week. An international research collaborative team studied more than 1,800 individuals who carried loss-of-function mutations in both copies of their genes, so-called “human knockouts."

March 2017

Depression is common during the transition to menopause, but which women are most at risk for major depressive disorder? Mary Sammel, PhD, co-authored a new study that shows those who experience multiple traumatic events early on are more than twice as likely, during perimenopause.

February 2017

The latest Testosterone Trial results, published in JAMA and JAMA Internal Medicine, include findings on cognition, bone health, heart health and anemia. Susan Ellenberg, PhD, commented that the treatment is not likely to be a magic bullet for patients, but that it may lead to improvements for them in some areas—bone density, in particular.

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