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October 2017

In continuing coverage of innovative transplant work by David Goldberg, MD, MSCE, and Peter Reese, MD, MSCE, their trial’s first recipient of a hepatitis-C-infected heart comments on how life has improved since he got the new organ and underwent successful treatment for the infection.

September 2017

Can drinking enough fluid via a “smart” water bottle help prevent recurrence of urinary stones? Peter Reese, MD, MSCE, and Greg Tasian, MD, MSc, MSCE, lead one of five centers in a new NIH-sponsored research network that will pursue The Prevention of Urinary Stones with Hydration (PUSH) study, a randomized clinical trial.

September 2017

A physician’s “nudge” frames a set of choices to steer toward a particular option without shutting out other options. Scott Halpern, MD, PhD, M.Bioethics, believes this practice can improve the patient’s experience.

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