Tuition and Funding


MSCE tuition is charged on a per-credit basis. Current tuition rates are posted on the Student Financial Services website. Based on the 14 credit units required for the degree, tuition and fees for full-time students over the two-year program amount to approximately $93,000 (US dollars). This does not include books, supplies, or living and travel expenses.


MSCE students may consider different options for funding the MSCE program. On a limited basis, funding may be available from training grants, research grants, fellowship grants, and the faculty/staff tuition benefit program at the University of Pennsylvania.

Specialized Training (T32) Programs

The CCEB currently manages six specialized training programs (NIH-funded “T32s”) in various epidemiological areas, designed to help fellows launch their careers as independently funded clinical research scientists and leaders in their fields by providing a stipend as well as tuition funding. Each fellow conducts a rigorously mentored clinical research thesis, which culminates in a publishable result.

Unless otherwise noted, these T32 programs are open only to candidates who possess a doctoral degree in medicine or another health field. All T32 awardees must be U.S. Citizens or permanent residents. Most awardees remain in their program for two years. To express interest in a specific program, please email the principal investigator listed below as the contact. Training grant funds are extremely competitive and are not guaranteed. For general inquiries, contact

In addition to T32s managed by the CCEB, there are other research grants that may accept and fund MSCE students. Below are some that have been successfully used recently by MSCE students. Note: Availability of grants varies from year to year.

  • CHOP Cardiology Division T32
  • Dermatology T32
  • General Surgery Division
  • GI Division T32
  • Hematology T32
  • Neurology T32
  • Pediatric Hematology T32
  • Renal Division T32
  • Repro Division T32
  • Rheumatology Division T32

To see a complete list of current training grants, see this link: Please note that not all T32s found at this link are applicable to MSCE students (such as those with only predoc slots, and/or those not related to clinical epidemiology research)

Faculty Staff Benefits

Faculty Staff Benefits are another option for HUP/CHOP employees to fund the MSCE program.

If you are associated with Penn, more information about this benefit can be found here.

If you are associated with CHOP, more information about this benefit can be found here (scroll down to Work-Life > Education Assistance Program).


Another option for students to fund the MSCE program is to pay the tuition directly. Here are the current tuition costs for the program: (scroll down to Clinical Epidemiology). The MSCE program is 14 CUs, so it will cost approximately $93,000.