Our Mission


We will achieve our vision of advancing population health and clinical outcomes through the following missions:

  1. Bring people together to build a culture of exploration and collaboration.
    • We build bridges across disciplines, bringing together clinicians and methodologists in epidemiology, biostatistics, and experts in related fields to work together to solve important problems in health and disease.
    • Participation in the CCEB provides added value beyond an individual’s academic home because we facilitate synergistic collaborations within our Center and across the broader Penn community.
    • The Center fosters and cultivates synergies and innovation, acting as the interface between an individual investigator, the expertise within the Penn community and among our members, including members external to Penn.
  2. Promote career development by advancing skills, knowledge, and interpretation of research methods.
    • We train the next generation of leaders in clinical and population medicine research and mentor them over the course of their full career.
    • We provide world class education in clinical epidemiology and biostatistics.
    • We help those not part of our Center understand and interpret clinical and population medicine research.
    • In recognition of the value we place on collaboration and our teams, we support our Center staff and team members in their continued career growth.
  3. Produce and translate high quality research applying the most rigorous and innovative methods to improve the health of populations, communities, and patients.
    • Our research addresses application of clinical epidemiology and biostatistical methods to clinical and population health problems as well as development of new methods and analytical approaches that reduce bias and improve efficiency of studies.
    • We provide the machinery and resources to facilitate the work of our members, allowing them to successfully lead multicenter collaborative studies, nationally and internationally, and to efficiently implement research needed to address high impact issues in a rapidly changing world.
    • Our work is translated and disseminated to make a difference for patients, communities, and population health.