Reproductive Epidemiology

EPID 6460
Spring term
1 course unit
EPID 5100 or equivalent, EPID 5260 or equivalent, EPID 5270 or equivalent, and Permission of Instructor

Note: Course is offered every other spring term, even-numbered years.

This is an advanced course that addresses epidemiological research issues as they apply to important clinical topics in obstetrics and gynecology and related clinical disciplines. Lectures and workshops are designed to acquaint students with seminal issues in the field of reproductive epidemiology, to use a body of literature to demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of epidemiological research designs as they have been applied to obstetrics and gynecology and related clinical disciplines, to expose students to the range of topics studied, to teach advanced epidemiologic principles using a problem-based approach, and to stimulate students interested in reproductive epidemiology to develop independent research questions.

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