Epidemiological Research Methods in Infectious Diseases

EPID 6560
Summer I Term
1 course unit
EPID 5100 or equivalent, EPID 5260 or equivalent, a course that covers logistical regression, such as EPID 5270 or equivalent, and Permission of Instructor

Please check with Department as this course may not be offered every year.

This is an advanced course addressing epidemiological issues as they apply to important clinical topics in infectious diseases. Lectures and discussions will serve two primary goals: 1) to explore epidemiologic methods specific to infectious diseases (e.g., adherence to therapy) or which have important applications to infectious diseases (e.g., molecular epidemiology); and 2) to explore the epidemiology of particular infectious diseases or syndromes (e.g., HIV). This course will acquaint students with the classic literature in the field of infectious diseases epidemiology, teach advanced epidemiological principles using a problem-based approach, and demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of research methodologies as they have been applied to infectious diseases.

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