Data Management and Visualization II 

EPID 5370
Summer I Term
0.5 course unit
Permission of Instructor; EPID 5360

This is the second course in a two-course series that seeks to enhance MSCE students’ comfort and acumen in all aspects of clinical epidemiological data management and presentation, particularly graphical representation of results. The second part builds directly onto the topics covered in the first part of the two-course series. Topics that will be covered include advanced data manipulation, management, and visualization of longitudinal, clustered, and time-to-event data; dealing with specific data types such as ICD-9 and 10 codes, cost data; assessing and imputing certain types of missing data; importing various data websites; and other selected topics based on student projects and feedback. By the end of the two-course series, students will become fluent in the Stata statistical language and be uniquely positioned to advance their independent clinical epidemiological careers through best research and data presentation practices.

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