Joel M Gelfand, MD, MSCE

Joel M Gelfand, MD, MSCE
Professor of Dermatology and Epidemiology

Dr. Gelfand's research focuses on observational epidemiology in psoriasis and clinical trials in dermatologic diseases such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, cutaneous T cell lymphoma and acne/hidradenitis. Particular areas of interest include use of large medical records databases for epidemiologic and pharmacoepidemiologic studies in skin diseases and the design of efficient phase II trials for new indications of existing drugs and alternative medicines for the treatment of skin disease. Current, large ongoing projects include a prospective population-based cohort study of 8,000 psoriasis patients to evaluate cardiovascular risk and the development of the Dermatology Clinical Effectiveness Research Network (DCERN) to conduct comparative effectiveness studies in psoriasis and other dermatological diseases (

Content Area Specialties

Cancer epidemiology, cardiovascular epidemiology, complementary/alternative medicine, infectious diseases, molecular epidemiology, patient-oriented research, pharmacoepidemiology, psychiatric epidemiology, rheumatology, dermatoepidemiology

Methods Specialties

Causal inference, clinical trials, diagnostic testing, health services research, meta-analysis, multivariate analysis, comparative effectiveness

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