CRIC Ancillary Studies


The Scientific and Data Coordinating Center at Penn receives data and provides ongoing support for a number of Ancillary Studies supported by the CRIC Cohort utilizing both CRIC study participants and biological samples obtained from CRIC study participants. Through the CRIC data sharing policy, investigators have an opportunity to tap into the rich CRIC data to pursue their own research goals.

In addition to the CRIC Clinical Centers listed on the Participating Institutions page, collaborative research partnerships are currently conducted at a number of institutions across the country including, but not limited to, University of Utah, University of Miami, University of North Carolina, George Washington University, University of Alabama, as well as at international sites in China, Japan, Peru, and Germany 

A selection of CRIC Ancillary Studies managed by the CRCU appears below:

Brigham and Women's Hospital              PI: WAIKAR
Start: 9/1/2015
End: 8/31/2020
Project Title: Oxalate in CKD Pathogenesis and Progression

CHOP                                                             PI: LEONARD
Start: 10/1/2014
End: 8/31/2015
Project Title: Performance of Vitamin D-Binding Protein (DBP) ELISA by Genotype: Validation Using Mass Spectometry

CLEVELAND CLINIC                                     PI: NAVANEETHAN
Start: 9/22/2014
End: 7/31/2020
Project Title: Visceral Adiposity and Fitness among CRIC Participants

CLEVELAND CLINIC                                     PI: TANG
Start: 9/14/2015
End: 7/31/2020
Project Title: Trimethylamine N-Oxide and Disease Progression in CKD

Harvard                                                         PI: STROM
Start: 7/1/2023
End: 6/30/2028
Project Title: Chronic Renal Insufficiency and Silent Progression of Aortic Stenosis (CRISP-AS)

Harvard                                                        PI: WOLF
Start: 8/1/2008
End: 7/31/2012
Project Title: Genetics of Race and Disordered Mineral Metabolism in CKD

Johns Hopkins                                             PI: ISHIGAMI
Start: 8/4/2021
End: 5/31/2026
Project Title: Patient Perceptions about Influenza Vaccination in Nephrology Care

Mass. Gen. Hospital                                   PI: KALIM
Start: 4/1/2018
End: 3/31/2020
Project Title: The Effects of Protein Carbamylation in Chronic Kidney Disease

Mass. Gen. Hospital                                   PI: RHEE
Start: 9/14/2015
End: 7/31/2020
Project Title: Metabolomics and CKD Progression in CRIC

Northwestern                                              PI: ISAKOVA
Start: 9/20/2016
End: 6/30/2021
Project Title: Impact of serum calcification propensity  on adverse outcomes in CKD

PENN/SOM                                                  PI: ANDERSON
Start: 9/20/2016
End: 6/30/2021
Project Title: The Gut Microbiome and the Metabolome in CKD

PENN/SOM                                                  PI: ANDERSON
Start: 4/1/2015
End: 3/31/2020
Project Title: Measures of Fibrosis and Clinical Outcomes in Chronic Kidney Disease

PENN/SOM                                                  PI: DEO, Rajat
Start: 1/1/2018
End: 12/31/2019
Project Title: Soluble Fms-Like Tyrosine Kinase-1  (sFlt-1), Placental Growth Factor (PlGF) and  Cardiovascular Disease in Participants with  Chronic Kidney Disease

PENN/SOM                                                  PI: FELDMAN
Start: 9/1/2009
End: 6/30/2023
Project Title: CKD Biomarkers Consortium

PENN/SOM                                                  PI: FELDMAN
Start: 7/1/2001
End: 6/30/2023
Project Title: Chronic Renal Insufficiency Cohort

PENN/SOM                                                  PI: FELDMAN
Start: 5/1/2016
End: 4/30/2021
Project Title: CRIC Queryable Database

PENN/SOM                                                  PI: FELDMAN
Start: 5/1/2016
End: 4/30/2018
Project Title: CRIC Phase IV Pilots

PENN/SOM                                                  PI: FELDMAN
Start: 9/1/2006
End: 8/31/2011
Project Title: CKD, Metabolic Syndrome and Cardiovascular Disease

PENN/SOM                                                  PI: GRUNWALD
Start: 3/1/2006
End: 2/28/2011
Project Title: Retinopathy in Chronic Renal Insufficiency (CRI)

PENN/SOM                                                  PI: KY
Start: 7/1/2009
End: 6/30/2014
Project Title: The Role of Neuregulin in Human Cardiac Remodeling and Heart Failure

PENN/SOM                                                  PI: RADER
Start: 8/1/2009
End: 5/31/2014
Project Title: Genetic of Lipoprotein Metabolism and CVD in CKD

PENN/SOM                                                  PI: ROSAS
Start: 7/1/2008
End: 6/30/2013
Project Title: Carotid Intima-Media Thickness in Chronic Kidney Disease

PENN/SOM                                                  PI: SUSZTAK
Start: 7/1/2015
End: 6/30/2021
Project Title: The Clinical Relevance of Epigenetic Dysregulation in Diabetic Kidney Disease

PENN/SOM                                                  PI: TOWNSEND
Start: 8/1/2010
End: 7/31/2014
Project Title: Pulse Wave Velocity

PENN/SOM                                                  PI: TOWNSEND
Start: 11/20/2012
End: 11/20/2013
Project Title: CRIC Penn Site CTMS Replacement

PENN/SOM                                                  PI: WILSON
Start: 7/15/2013
End: 4/30/2018
Project Title: Mediators & Prognostic Value of Muscle Mass & Function in Chronic Kidney Disease

Stanford                                                       PI: SIRICH
Start: 7/1/2014
End: 6/30/2019
Project Title: Novel Metabolites Associated with Renal Outcomes

TuftsU                                                           PI: INKER
Start: 12/15/2020
End: 11/30/2024
Project Title: Improving Kidney Function Assessment in Health and Disease

TuftsU                                                           PI: SHEA
Start: 2/1/2017
End: 1/31/2020
Project Title: Vitamin K Status, CVD and Arterial  Stiffness in Chronic Kidney Disease

Tulane                                                           PI: CHEN, Jing
Start: 8/15/2021
End: 7/31/2024
Project Title: Establishing A New Diagnostic Paradigm in Assessing Peripheral Artery Disease among Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

Tulane                                                           PI: KELLY
Start: 5/13/2021
End: 3/31/2026
Project Title: Consequences of Clonal Hematopoiesis ofIndeterminate Potential (CHIP) in Chronic KidneyDisease

Tulane                                                           PI: KELLY
Start: 9/1/2015
End: 5/31/2020
Project Title: Whole-Exome Sequencing Study of Diabetic Nephropathy

Tulane                                                           PI: LI (Changwei)
Start: 7/1/2022
End: 6/30/2025
Project Title: Metabolomics Study of APOL1-Associated Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease

UAlabama                                                    PI: KRICK
Start: 8/15/2022
End: 10/15/2022
Project Title: Pilot study: Association between kidney function,  FGF23 and lung impairment

UAMS                                                            PI: SHAH
Start: 8/15/2010
End: 6/30/2012
Project Title: Carbamylated LDL and Cardiovascular Events

UCSD                                                             PI: SHARMA
Start: 9/30/2011
End: 6/30/2016
Project Title: Novel Paradigm to Understand Diabetic Complications

UCSF                                                             PI: BANSAL
Start: 8/25/2015
End: 7/31/2020
Project Title: Heart failure and Arrhythmias in CKD

UCSF                                                             PI: BANSAL
Start: 9/15/2010
End: 6/30/2015
Project Title: Hypertension in Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease

UCSF                                                              PI: DUBIN
Start: 5/14/2021
End: 4/30/2025
Project Title: Elucidating the Biology of Cardiovascular Risk inHemodialysis Patients Using Proteomics

UCSF                                                              PI: GANZ
Start: 8/19/2016
End: 7/31/2021
Project Title: Identifying Modifiable Biomarkers/Mediators for Cardiovascular Disease in CKD

UCSF                                                              PI: HSU/LIU
Start: 9/1/2009
End: 6/30/2023
Project Title: Acute Kidney Injury in Chronic Kidney Disease

UCSF                                                              PI: SHLIPAK
Start: 5/15/2023
End: 3/31/2028
Project Title: Development of a Kidney Biomarker Panel to Detect  and Quantify NSAID Damage among Persons with CKD

UCSF                                                              PI: YAFFE
Start: 9/1/2011
End: 5/31/2015
Project Title: Cognitive Function in CRI - Evaluating the Trajectory of Cognitive Function in Persons with CKD

UIC                                                                 PI: LASH
Start: 4/1/2011
End: 8/31/2023
Project Title: Hispanic Chronic Renal Insufficiency Cohort

UIC                                                                 PI: LASH
Start: 8/20/2012
End: 7/31/2017
Project Title: Health Disparities in Children and Adults with Kidney Disease Mentoring Program

UIC                                                                 PI: PUZANTIAN
Start: 10/1/2015
End: 9/30/2020
Project Title: Arterial Stiffness and Proteinuria in CKD: Role of Vascular Biomarkers in Disease Progression

UIC                                                                 PI: RICARDO
Start: 6/1/2019
End: 5/31/2024
Project Title: Sleep Disordered Breathing as a Predictor of  Outcomes in Chronic Kidney Disease

UIC                                                                PI: RICARDO
Start: 5/1/2013
End: 2/28/2018
Project Title: Gender Disparities and Endogenous Estrogen in Chronic Kidney Disease

UIllinois                                                        PI: LORA
Start: 6/15/2014
End: 3/31/2016
Project Title: Validation of the Kidney Knowledge Survey (KIKS) in Hispanics with CKD

UMaryland                                                   PI: DIAMANTIDIS, Clarissa
Start: 6/1/2014
End: 5/31/2018
Project Title: Can Health IT Tools be used in CKD?

UMaryland                                                   PI: FINK
Start: 9/1/2011
End: 8/31/2016
Project Title: Do Patient Safety Events Account For Adverse Outcomes In CKD?

UMiami                                                         PI: ISAKOVA
Start: 10/31/2013
End: 10/31/2015
Project Title: Role of Sclerostin in Disordered Mineral Metabolism in CKD (Gottschalk)

UMiami                                                         PI: SCIALLA
Start: 7/1/2012
End: 4/30/2017
Project Title: CRIC AP - Net Acid Excretion and Morbidity in CKD

UMiami                                                         PI: WOLF
Start: 8/1/2012
End: 7/31/2018
Project Title: Genetics of Race and Disordered Mineral Metabolism in CKD

UMiami                                                        PI: WOLF
Start: 7/31/2014
End: 7/30/2015
Project Title: FGF23 and Clinical Outcomes in ADPKD Patients

UMichigan                                                    PI: AFSHINNIA
Start: 9/17/2015
End: 7/31/2020
Project Title: Identification-Validation of Prognostic  Biomarkers in Chronic Kidney Disease

UMichigan                                                    PI: AFSHINNIA
Start: 8/1/2013
End: 7/31/2014
Project Title: Identification-Validation of Prognostic Biomarkers in Chronic Kidney Disease - (Pilot study)

UMichigan                                                    PI: KRETZLER
Start: 7/1/2008
End: 6/30/2013
Project Title: Molecular Predictors of Progressive Renal Failure in the Chronic Renal Insufficiency Cohort

UMinesota                                                   PI: DRAWZ
Start: 7/1/2010
End: 6/30/2015
Project Title: Elevated nighttime BP - clinical and demographic features, correlates, and changes over time

UNM                                                              PI: ARGYROPOULOS
Start: 7/1/2017
End: 6/30/2022
Project Title: MicorRNAs in Progressive Renal Disease - a Pilot  Study in CRIC

UNM                                                             PI: RAJ
Start: 9/1/2006
End: 6/30/2011
Project Title: Cytokine Gene Polymorphism in CRIC

UNM                                                             PI: SHAH
Start: 7/9/2019
End: 6/30/2024
Project Title: American Indian Chronic Renal Insufficiency Cohort  Study (AI CRIC Study)

UTexas                                                          PI: NOVICK
Start: 7/1/2021
End: 6/30/2023
Project Title: The Accountable Health CommunitiesHealth-Related Social Needs Screening Tool - CRIC opportunity pool

UUtah                                                           PI: CHEUNG, Alfred
Start: 8/27/2013
End: 6/30/2018
Project Title: Pathophysiological Role of Prorenin

UUtah                                                           PI: CHO, Monique
Start: 4/1/2018
End: 3/31/2023
Project Title: The role of iron deficiency in cardiac and  diabetic complications of CKD

UWashington                                              PI: DE BOER, Ian
Start: 4/15/2014
End: 2/28/2018
Project Title: 24,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D in CRIC

UWashington                                              PI: KESTENBAUM
Start: 4/1/2016
End: 3/31/2020
Project Title: Kidney Secretions and Chronic Kidney Disease Complications

WashingtonU                                              PI: HERRLICH
Start: 9/15/2019
End: 8/31/2024
Project Title: sAREG in Urine and Serum as a Biomarker of CKD  severity and Progression