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ISPE Student Chapter

ISPE Student Chapter

The Penn-CPeRT International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology (ISPE) Student Chapter was formed in 2018 to provide a space and opportunity for students who are pursuing education and training in pharmacoepidemiology methods and research to engage with CPeRT Investigators, ISPE, and trainees at other institutions.



The Penn-CPeRT Student Chapter is a part of the ISPE Student Council, an international network of student members of ISPE. More information on the ISPE Student Council can be found at their website


Our mission is to:

Meet with and learn from each other

Engage with CPeRT Investigators and faculty

Interact with students and investigators from Chapters at other institutions, and become more involved with ISPE   



Executive Board 

Chair: Emily Acton

Neil Dhopeshwarkar

Pilar Hernandez-Con

Mohsin Shah


Faculty Advisor: Sean Hennessy & Vin Lo Re

Interested in joining? Fill out the interest form here.

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About CPeRT

Center for Pharmacoepidemiology Research and Training (CPeRT) members are leaders in the development and use of large administrative and medical record databases for studying drug effects. CPeRT is one of the academic partners of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-funded Mini-Sentinel Initiative. CPeRT members also edit Pharmacoepidemiology, 5th edition and Textbook of Pharmacoepidemiology.

Directions to CPeRT

8th Floor, Blockley Hall

University of Pennsylvania

423 Guardian Drive

Philadelphia, PA 19104-6021


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