Community Engagement and Research Core (CEAR Core)

The purpose of the CEAR Core in the Penn CTSA is to facilitate community-based research and community engagement, especially community-based participatory research, and enhance the translation of research and technological developments to key public health and community stakeholders.

CEAR Core Goals

  1. Foster community-based participatory research projects through developing training programs and integrating lectures into existing academic programs
  2. Determine community health needs and priorities
  3. Promote community-based research within the area of health disparities through seminar series
  4. Continue the involvement in community outreach and education events to engage the community
  5. Fund the conduct of CEAR Core pilot studies
  6. Facilitate the use of academic-community partnerships to aid in the recruitment of subjects

Resources Include:

  • Community-Based Small Grants Program
  • Recruitment Resources
  • CEAR Core Consultations
  • Community Service Inventory

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Established in 2009, the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Health Behavior Research is an institution-wide collaborative effort, dedicated to conducting health behavior research, fostering advances in measurement of health behaviors, advancing the use of health behavior theory, and promoting collaboration among faculty, fellows and students. 




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