Ian J. Barnett, PhD

Ian J. Barnett, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biostatistics

Dr. Barnett conducts innovative methodological research in the analysis of correlated and incomplete data. He has worked on several exciting areas in biomedical data-science research, having developed novel statistical methods for large-scale genetic association analysis and for analysis of data from wearable devices and mobile health. Dr. Barnett has emerged as one of few statisticians on the forefront of digital phenotyping; his methodology has been widely applied in a range of efforts, from psychiatric disorders to patient monitoring after surgical recovery. He has brought a statistical-inference approach to the critical area of big data and plays an important role in the new Center for Statistics in Big Data.


Content Area Specialties

Mental health, mobile health, genomics

Methods Specialties

Multivariate analysis, correlated data, longitudinal data, missing data

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